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Return, cancellation and retention policies


When you purchase items or services from our page, you choose to cancel your right for refund within 14 days from the European law of distance purchases. We do not offer product return either because our products are not only material but also immaterial, and you can make use of them as you receive them. Our virtual items are easily downloadable or accessed through a link through a limited time frame or not, you have access right away, and have therefore already started to use them, spread to another platform or computer or we are already creating your service upon your order. It takes our time, energy and knowledge put into the work for you so we hope you have this in mind as well as our platform and IT costs to offer you this important webpage with information and knowledge as well as support to you and other people in need. In the case of courses that are upcoming, the refund policy will be written in the description of each course.


Coaching is an immaterial, information and knowledge transfer not offered cancellation upon purchase as well as refunds not allowed. You shall pay in full or according to the specific coaching service description. You are responsible for delivering the right funds according to plan. Any disagreements will be carried in the court in Växjö, Sweden or closest court.

You are allowed to rebook a coaching call by submitting your request latest 62h before the booking via email to us. If we haven’t received your request, we may or may not rebook your call depending on availability. No show ups will count as the call has been done. For video recordings and readings, we do not take any responsibility for how you use the information conveyed. The information is taken for entertainment or helping you move towards the direction you want in your life but you have an inner censor that shall judge how the information applies and if it does. You are the expert of your life. We are trying to help you with the information we receive or know.

Material and immaterial rights

All items designed by the artist will keep its copyright, so you are not allow to resell, to use in social media or copy. When you purchase, you have the right to use the object, information or material for yourself and for the purpose of the item. Copying to third parties and reselling will be subject to a indenmization of 3,000,000usd per item.

Information rights

Your personal information is kept under secrecy and only access to third parties to make our shop and teachings work. Some information about your experience with us can be used for our marketing purposes as well as any information you post on social media or send us e-mails about.

Contact us at {email} for questions related to our policy.