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Why unlock your intuition as a leader

Here is why unlocking your intuition as a leader is the most important investment you should make, as a woman.

Most women in many societies are programmed to rationalize, overanalyze and doubt themselves before making decisions. I have met many of them in my own work as a psychic medium intuitive coach but I have also been one of them. To reconnect with my intuition and journey back within to my own natural gifts of intuition, it has taken time and effort from my part as well as discovering the invisible forces within myself -because most people around me as well as in the society i lived in, the work I had and the overly masculine research environment I was working at had negative comments and acted in ways that I felt I had to push a very important side of me down. And when I could not really accept that anymore and be a highly educated woman wearing a suit, very career oriented and not feeling connected with my own nature, I realized that all other areas of my life crashed. It started with my marriage, then my career, then my health. And then everything had to take me back to whom I really was.

The grateful part with this is that I reconnected with my nature but it took time, effort and lots of resources I had to pour as well as time and dedication to do this work, and start disregarding the opinions of others, the cultures I have grown up and been living in and the proven-knowledge and scientific research that has been out there and that I have been gathering throughout my academic life which took me to gather so much knowledge through many degrees and university education from humanities, engineering, international relations to my doctoral studies in entrepreneurship, business, relationship and coaching, as well as my nursing education. All of that just made me even more lost and lost in ways of being that were not really whom I was.

Until I started to do something I usually did as a child and remember that I was very intuitive and artistic and I could spend days and evenings writing, painting, dancing, singing, creating & connecting with the natural world as well as with divination tools that somewhat i recognized and went to sleep doing energy balls on my hands and seeing different colors as they would move from a place to another. All that knowledge was somewhere deep within because I haven’t learned that at school. But someway I got across with tarot and a book of divination my father gave me, some crystals and a rune that I carried with me during many years during my early years but had no idea where that came from – the funny thing is that today I live in the same place on Earth they come from.

As a child, I had visions of a cold forest and I could see myself going through it. The visions would come back a couple of times and I could see the rituals and the communities. As I grew up and got in contact with the Swedish language through music, I felt intuitively I had to learn more about it and some years later, I ended up moving to Sweden. Growing up in Rio de Janeiro and having my parents laugh when I was saying I would move abroad when I grew up, I realized the prophecy was true so I was not kidding.

Either way, I realized that over the course of my early adulthood, studying a great deal because of a belief I had to expand my knowledge to make a living in a society where things were hard to get and from a simple family that had enough of ends meet, I decided to be disciplined and work hard to learn a lot of things at school and get a vacancy at a public university that had no fees – so my parents could afford at least the transformation and food. Then I started to work as a translator for a company that found my gift of words and as a language teacher at an English Institute after an invitation by the director – because I happened to study through all 6 year-levels in 3 years and acquire knowledge quicker than the other students. I left engineering to continue my language studies, learn other languages then kept on studying in Sweden as well as working as a coach, officer, helping connect people and guide them professionally but also doing research on integration of people and businesses.

During my marriage, I experienced a lack of connection with self as I left an organization I founded where my passion was and I enjoyed much of my time working with people, learning new things, coaching and dancing. I moved to another side of the country and I felt myself in a role of a mother and working with something I barely could express my creativity. Dying inside, my marriage also did because I was deeply unhappy. I started to dive deep into healing arts, yoga, meditation, then learning about the body’s energies and ancient knowledge from the East, improve my food intake and started to take care of myself better. With that, I experienced deep resistance from my exhusband which denied completely my changes and felt jealous whenever I would go out to dance. I realized that I had to keep on the journey on my own because I realized that tarot and oracle cards started to talk to me and show me messages not only of subconscious patterns and energies that could hang on during days and weeks, but also about other people around me, some choices, perceptions, experiences in my life. All of that took me in to a journey of self discovery that let to me diving even deeper into the field of hypnosis as I was drawn to some books at the university library about intuition.

During my time as a doctoral student, I read some of the material I focused on my research but I got somewhat obsessed in studying the human energies, the field of intuition and consciousness. With that, it took me to search for opportunities to study hypnosis and explore a past-life therapy session with a therapist in the region – what changed the course of my life.

I found myself in between lives and I saw some of the people in my life there as well as learned a great deal about myself I didn’t know of. I could see myself getting out of my body and literally dying in another time and space as well as describe with details a war experience, my English dialect at the time and my work together with the US army which looked like I married someone there. I saw myself around a place where there was some bomb being released and I also realized I was writing. When I search for the descriptions of what I saw in that hypnosis, I found out the woman war correspondent and her life descriptions and I realized that there were many similarities to my life and with my previous interests and studies I did, specializing in international relations, peace and development studies – especially when it comes to peace.

My curiosity took me further to study hypnosis and hypnoanalysis, which took me on a journey of diving even deeper my subconscious mind but also literally experiencing getting away from my body and coming back from an instant hypnotic state the teacher set me in in seconds and I would feel something bigger than me vibrating very strongly being pushed away from my body then I came back – I was big big then back into that small container. I was shaken during days and I started to see orbs. After that experience, I started to work with clients and realize that they freed themselves from many habits, anxiety, worries, traumas, self-sabotage, dependence, relationship issues and even of drugs and prescriptions that they have been taken on (which were not the goal of the work with me but they happened to see changes in their physical bodies becoming fully healthy). And that continued even with me. I have improved my eyesight over time. I started to feel lighter in my energies the more I would work deeper and deeper within self.

With time, I started to dive deeper into other healing others, such as energy medicine, which I felt deeply attracted to and realized I had a lot of knowledge. Working with my classmates and feeling their auric fields as well as working with healing was a very interesting experience. I already had a Reiki initiation at the time and my healing energies increased over time, so I started to learn to read past-lives and people’s blocks over distance and then give them relationship and business counselling. I continued my consciousness studies taking courses about human blueprint and soul memories as well as clearing, psychic mediumship and practicing on many people, continued on learning further on the Arthur Findlay College in England. Then over the years, I integrated those gifts into my coaching and decided to share them as well for free online during Corona crisis where many people were suffering and lost. That was a time when I had a lot of contacts from the other side to give messages to families.

My last secular project had a financing from a public fond and I would deliver reports via a book. I felt really awkward in being someone I was not. So I decided to write publicly that I was a psychic medium, naturopath and I was working with both research and also the intuitive side in my work helping people. The results of the project were fascinating in the responses from the people. But I felt really ashamed in disclosing that I was working with something that could not be explainable for most people and I tried to put down in words with previous research in the field – but unfortunately the funder didn’t take the book costs so I had to pay them on my own. I tried at least to merge science with the phenomenon I have been working with in my coaching and designed my own way of coaching people professionally – but they also got help in other life areas as a result because we were tapping into deeper layers of self at a much quicker rate than common psychology sessions, KBT, dialectal therapy and other types of therapies that only connect with the mind.

So I started to implement this work further and create education. I have worked with many coaches, entrepreneurs and leaders, which made me even more inspired to spread this because they could then use their own gifts at a higher level to help others more effectively and guide their teams, groups and societies. But above all – their own lives, from a balanced, whole, empowered way.

My journey working with intuition and psychic healing arts do not stop there. Last week I decided to take an Angel Reiki Master certification and started to use the Quen method of rapid transformation in my work – to help change a person’s energies quickly and help them manifest abundance at a much higher speed.

Yet the skepticals do not end. I sent a message to a woman who asked for a coach in the field I am an expert in. I sent her a message linking to my work if she wanted to take it further, but she later wrote to me that she looked at my page and said that unfortunately the project she was working with was a research project in the medical field and it sounded completely different from the work I had been doing. Then I thanked her for the opportunity and said that I have a research background and I thought she had judged without seeing the bigger picture and even getting to know what is in front of her. So she said she was sorry and that if I wanted to cooperate, I could send them an application. I said that, unfortunately, I can cooperate in research and I am very capable because I have studied many degrees but I choose to work my own way with a higher dimensional level so I don’t turn down my intuitive work at any cost. And that is what I have learned from all of the changes that have happened within me as a woman in this life. I shall not think I am less because other people don’t understand how to tap into their own intuition and explore their gifts further – I bet that she has also been robotized by the society she grew up in as many others I have met. This is the reason why what we produce in our societies is oftentimes based on people who are incomplete and co-dependent – they don’t know who they are and cannot lead their own lives, but base their own reasoning on what is out there, what someone else has said, what is proven and what has been chosen and approved by specific groups.

I realized and decided that I am free. I am free thinker, feeler and seer. I can make mistakes and I can also have my growing and vulnerable areas but I have learned to be lead by something greater than I am and not be afraid of diving deeper into it & exploring it as well as throwing old pre-conceptions and layers that were put there by someone else.

I choose to be authentic. Do you? Authentic leaders are more of whom they are and are attuned with their intuition and inner knowledge. Are you?

I invite you to look further on if that is your goal.

Lots of love to you.


Gabi Gal, psychic medium intuitive coach and guide, energy medicine therapist, angel reiki master, hypnotherapist, past-life therapist, doctoral researcher on ethnic relations and entrepreneurship, masters in peace and development studies, author of channeled +40 books in the field of healing, relationships and self-leadership, intuition teacher. Read about her work here

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