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Psychic development – a new way of functioning

Many people are awakening to their psychic senses and searching for answers of what they already have within themselves, but oftentimes lack knowledge and full awareness, ability to command consciously and enter worlds from within and outside through their own consciousness.

After different life events, relationship crashes, family disruptions, deaths, separations, migration, lack of enjoyment at work or purposeless business and even unfulfilling love relationships, they are entering the realm of the unknown after being indoctrinated into the realm of thoughts and limiting their perception of reality through belief systems and teachings from the lower vibrational status quo of the human society.

To break free from that, specific knowledge can be tapped into to free them from enslavement of 8 to 5 jobs, not being able to be with their families, overworking, experiencing different kinds of frustration with relationships, friends, life experiences, crisis and perhaps even emptiness in their daily lives with lack of motivation, cannot sleep, use drugs to decrease their pain and other kinds of dependence on food, sex, buying a lot and finding value outside self with a reputation outside self to create value for whom they are instead of understanding who they really are.

In such cases life may take you to experience crisis and change of events so you can wake up and start to experience a spiritual awakening to your true self, deep cellular healing and understanding of your non-physical parts as well as wisdom that you have gathered beyond time and space.

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Gabi Gal, psychic medium intuitive coach and guide, energy medicine therapist, angel reiki master, hypnotherapist, past-life therapist, doctoral researcher on ethnic relations and entrepreneurship, masters in peace and development studies, author of channeled +40 books in the field of healing, relationships and self-leadership, intuition teacher. Read about her work here

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