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Why some coaches and therapists succeed and others don’t.

** Earning well, doing what you love and helping others: why some people succeed and others don’t

Here is why some people succeed earning lots of money, doing what they love and helping others, such as therapists, coaches and other service areas and others don’t – and stay stuck in 8 to 16 jobs, doing something they don’t like or only have a part time job taking some clients here and there making the minimum compared to their knowhow and gifts.

A lot of people don’t have the right knowledge it takes about themselves, about business and never get where they would like to go. Instead, they live on frustrated and want to get every free opportunity someone wants to give to help them – but they are not really willing to invest on the right help that can take them forward.

I’ve seen all of those. And I have started my journey the same way. I didn’t see opportunities and how to do things different in the beginning as well as I didn’t have the right knowledge it took for me to launch my business and projects as well as be able to scale what I was doing. And here is why that happened: I didn’t have the consciousness at the moment to take the step and find resources to invest in myself and didn’t know that the biggest enemy and challenge was Myself. It was when I decided to take a chance to invest on a coach that would help me forward, that I believed in and could help me, that I realized how much I had invested on the wrong things, counting back over the years, millions of dollars I could reallocate to different things and have different strategies as well as act & see the world of possibilities another way. And that was not really enough to just go and listen to the law of attraction. I needed the right knowledge and it took me a lot of work and investment of
all the money I had and even selling things I had to invest on specific help that would take me forward.

I realized that have I learned about energies the way I know today as well as about business, I would have been on a completely different place in my professional journey already many years ago. And here is what I tell you from my experience… Don’t wait one more hour where you could be making a change in your finances and your personal life now. Because the more you wait, the more you do not earn, and the more you cannot experience abundance even in your personal life and relationships – because everything is linked. What you think is too much now, is very little compared to the actual expenses you may have had as well as pain and worries, lack you may have experienced if you look back, analyse your expenses, your feelings and your experiences during the last years.

If you recognize yourself in this, I may tell you that I have met many many people who didn’t value my work as an intuitive and always wanted free things when I invested millions over the years in my personal development, actual education, coaching and help from others who could help me where I wanted to be. I realized that because I took the risk and followed my intuition and made the move, resources would come my way to make my dreams come true. So the right people that were offering themselves to help me take me there came my way. But I had turned down many other opportunities before because of fear. And I also saw the consequences of my actions: being stuck, unfulfilled, broke and helping a lot of people for free because they needed help but not having what I needed sometimes to handle my expenses and my dreams come true, and besides, not understanding why that happened.

There will always be challenges in life, but if you don’t take the change to get yourself out of where you are when you are being offered help, then life will only send you more things to keep you stuck until you make a change.

If your dream is to become an entrepreneur, self-employed, earn your own income helping people, as a coach, therapist or even serving others doing what you love, the upcoming course that starts TOMORROW, can help you with specific knowledge into the field of energy medicine so you can find balance and learn about yourself, expand your consciousness but also learn about business, how to set up and grow your business as a therapist, find clients and be able to be running your business already during the time you are taking the program. And to make it easier for you, I am offering my help as a coach and intuitive to guide you along this process with your specific gift to the world.

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About the author

About the author

Gabi Gal is a senior intuitive coach and guide, teaching people how to read their energies and embrace their full manifestation and attraction power through knowledge of the seen and the unseen. She believes that almost everything can be explained and psychic awareness is a human gift, though not really taught in most schools. She has coached many people over the last +20 years and written many books in the field of personal development, self-leadership, healing and relationships. With her broad backgrund

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